Advanced Marking Solutions - DCS 1018 & 1024 UV LED Inkjet Printer

Located in Milpitas, California

DCS 1018 & 1024 UV LED Printers

Features and Benefits of the Direct Jet UV LED Printers

  • Produce incredibly crisp text and vibrant, full-color images with outstanding solvent and abrasion durability on a variety of substrates
  • Limitless possibilities – print on everything from metals and plastics to wood, ceramic tiles and glass
  • Create both flat and attention-grabbing raised TEXTUR3D™ prints
  • The easiest and fastest process to produce ADA-compliant/Braille signage*
  • Fastest print times in the industry
  • Industrial strength capabilities – handle the thickest, heaviest substrates
  • Industry-leading print quality – accurate, high-resolution, repeatable prints, even on challenging surfaces
  • Economical hardware, ink and print head replacement costs
  • White Ink Circulation System automatically circulates the entire white ink tank and lines (standard on most models)
  • Variable dot per color capability
  • The fastest, easiest cylindrical/bottle printing in the industry with our EasyCyl attachment**
  • DCS UV LED inks have zero VOC content; printers feature variable UV LED power intensity
  • Made in the USA – distributed globally

1024UVMVP15 1024UVMVP6 1024UVMVP4 1018UVMVP2 1018UVHS6
Printing Area 10" x 24" (254mm x 610mm) 10" x 18" (254mm x 457mm)
Max. Substrate Height 15" (381mm) 6" (152mm) 4" (102mm) 2" (51mm) 6" (152mm)
Max. Substrate Weight 10 lbs. / 30 lbs. (4.5kg / 13.6kg)[1] 10 lbs. / 20 lbs.
(4.5kg / 9.1kg)[1]
Print Time
(Color Only)
4,645 in2/hr (2.99 m2/hr)
Print Time
(White w/ Color)
2,700 in2/hr (1.74 m2/hr) 2,210 in2/hr
(1.42 m2/hr)
Available in F4 Edition
ADA-Compliant/ Braille Printing[2]
EasyCyl – Cylindrical Object Printing
TEXTUR3D™ Printing
Y-Axis Absolute Positioning Accuracy ±0.0015" (±0.038mm)[3] ±0.003"
Ink Supply Bulk Ink System™ with 300ml tanks 14ml refillable cartridges
Complete White Ink Circulation System (Tanks and Lines)
ACS™ – Anti-Cure System for Print Head
Precision Dot Control™
Control Panel 3.5" (89mm) LCD touch screen display 8-button membrane switch
Included Software ColorByte RIP 9 (Front End and RIP)
Economy Print Modes
Max. Print Resolution 5760 dpi
Interface Hi-speed USB 2.0

[1] With optional heavy-duty Direct Drive Stepper Module. 10 lbs. (4.5kg) on standard models.

[2] While the components of the ADA signage produced on Direct Jet UV LED printers have tested to be in compliance with federal USA ADA signage guidelines outlined in the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design, it is the responsibility of the signage manufacturer to ensure compliance with the governing local, state and federal authorities. ADA/Braille option is not available on F4 Editions.

[3] When utilizing the Y-axis Heavy-Duty Direct Drive Module.

Standard machines are calibrated for IR2 inks. F4 Editions are calibrated for IRF4 inks. To prevent contamination of the ink system, operators of the machine must only use the compatible ink specified for each machine. Failure to do so will harm the machine and void the warranty.

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Competitor data collected from published literature and/or electronic sites of manufacturer and authorized distributors as of 10/15/13. DCS recommends that individuals verify data on all printers with the manufacturer of each model for accuracy prior to making any purchasing decision.


UV LED Light Caution: You are dealing with an LED UV light source that may harm your health. Do not look directly into the UV light source or expose your hand or any part of your body/skin directly to the UV LED light source.

UV Ink Caution: LED UV inks contain mild skin irritants in their liquid form. Always wear safety goggles and gloves when handling the liquid LED UV ink. There may be some VOCs emitted from the uncured inks during and after the printing process that could slightly irritate the nose, eyes and throat. If the printer is running in a small confined area, the VOCs could build up and increase the irritation. DCS strongly recommends that the printer be operated in a well ventilated area to keep the VOCs to a minimum.