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Epilog Fusion Laser Engravers & Cutters

Fusion M2 Laser Overview

It's our new concept in laser system design, featuring:

  • 32" x 20" or 40" x 28" engraving area
  • Our new standard for motion control design
  • Better flame-polished edge cuts
  • Our highest engraving and cutting speeds
  • Large viewing door with LED lighting Engrave items up to 14.25" in material height

And we're proud to say it is 100% designed, engineered and built in the USA!

Epilog Fusion M2 32 Laser
32" x 20" Work Area

Epilog Fusion M2 32 Laser Machine

Epilog Fusion M2 32 Laser: With a large table size of 32" x 20" (812 x 508 mm), the Fuson M2 32 is a popular choice to hold even the largest engraving jobs. The high quality engraving across the entire table is a result of the highest-quality components, high-speed servo motors, and our Radiance™ High Definition Optics. Below you can explore the many reasons why the Fusion M2 32 is the choice of so many for their laser engraving and cutting needs.

Epilog Fusion M2 40 Laser
40" x 28" Work Area

Epilog Fusion M2 40 Laser Machine

Epilog Fusion 40 Laser: With an oversized table of 40" x 28" (1016 x 711 mm), the Fuson 40 features Epilog's largest work area. This machine was designed to engrave the same high-quality image at any point on the table by utilizing our top-of-the-line motion control system and industry-leading optics system.

Features of the Fusion M2 Laser Series

Epilog strives to provide the best of what's most important to our users - image quality, speed, reliability, and ease of use. By utilizing only the highest-quality components, Epilog Laser systems are known worldwide for their reliability and performance, which translates into less down time and more profits for you.

Made-in-the-USA Quality
Fusion Made in USA

We design, engineer and manufacture all of our laser systems in our headquarters in Golden, CO, USA.

Higher-Resolution Radiance™ Standard Optics
Fusion Radiance High-resolution Optics

No additional, expensive lens packages needed for the highest resolution engraving with our Radiance Optics.

Super-Silent™ Cooling Fans
Fusion Fans

With computer-controlled cooling fans, the Fusion Series is the quietest-operating laser system available.

CO2 Waveguide Laser Tubes by Epilog
Fusion Laser Tubes

All-metal tube design provides higher beam quality and longer life, and with low recharge costs!

Long-Lasting Steel Bearings
Fusion Bearings

Designed to last the life of your system without the inevitable wobble, failure and replacement of plastic bearings.

Strong, Long-Lasting Drive Belts
Fusion Belts

Precision drive belts are made from the sturdiest, B-style Kevlar (x-axis) and steel cord (y-axis).

Superior Chassis Strength
Fusion Strong Chassis

An incredibly strong, rigid chassis that can withstand the fastest laser head movement.

Joystick Controls
Fusion Strong Metal Chassis

Drive the laser directly from the joystick controls located on the laser control panel.

Advanced Motion Control
Fusion Motion Control

You'll see higher-speed engraving, quicker ramping speeds and highest-quality engraving and cutting.

Flame Polished Edge Cuts
Fusion Cutting Quality

You'll achieve the best edge quality on laser cut acrylic in a small-format laser.

Temperature Sensor/Emergency Stop Button
Fusion Safety Features

Provides the best operator safety features available for the safety of your employees and work space.

Motorized Table
Fusion Motorized Table

The motorized table can easily be moved up and down to fit a wide variety of engraving materials and products.

Features: How We Design the Systems for the Easiest Project Setup

Visible Red Dot Pointer
Fusion Red Dot Pointer

Provides a visible laser beam for setting up projects to determine exactly where the laser will fire.

Air Assist to Reduce Flare-Ups
Fusion Air Assist

Attach to a compressor to direct a constant stream of air across the cutting surface.

Auto Focus
Fusion Auto Focus

Automatically sets the correct table height for focusing the lens to achieve the highest detail engraving.

Easy-Access, Drop-Down Door
Fusion Drop-Down Door

Front-access door features strong, hydraulic struts for easy access and stability.

Removable Exhaust Panel
Fusion Exhaust Panel

Easily access the back of your machine for easy access to clean the system.

Raster/Vector Color Mapping
Fusion Color Mapping

Easily map different speed and power settings to different colors in your file in both engraving and cutting modes.

True Ethernet Networking Capabilities
Fusion Networking

All Legend Series lasers come standard with a high-speed, 10 Base T-Ethernet connection as well as USB.

Laser Dashboard™ Print Driver
Fusion Print Driver

User-friendly print driver allows you to control all of the laser's features from one interface.

LED Lighting and a Large Tempered Glass Door
Fusion Glass Door

An oversized door on the top of the laser provides a larger viewing area for greater work flow.

Movable Home Position
Fusion Movable Home

Allows you to work from any point on the engraving table, not just the upper left corner.

Epilog Fusion M2 Compatible Materials

Engrave Cut
Wood x x
Acrylic x x
Fabric x x
Glass x
Coated Metals x
Ceramic x
Delrin x x
Cloth x x
Leather x x
Marble x
Matte Board x x
Melamine x x
Paper x x
Mylar x x
Pressboard x x
Rubber x x
Wood Veneer x x
Fiberglass x x
Painted Metals x
Tile x
Plastic x x
Cork x x
Corian x x
Anodized Aluminum x
Stainless Steel *
Brass *
Titanium *
Bare Metals *
* CO2 lasers will mark bare metals when coated with a metal marking solution. For more information, visit our laser metal marking page.
Do you have a material you would like us to test? Give us a call 480-557-7999.

Epilog Fusion Accessories

fibermark fusion 3 jaw chuck rotary

Dual Source Option: CO2 and Fiber (Fusion M2 32)

Add the fiber laser's metal etching capabilities to the CO2 laser's versatility.

Are you looking for the ability to directly etch metals in addition to the material versatility of the CO2 laser? Add on the dual source option to your Fusion M2 32 and choose a CO2 laser (50, 60, or 75 watts) and add on a fiber laser (20, 30 or 50 watts) to work with a wider range of materials.

fusion 3 jaw chuck rotary

Epilog eView Camera Module (Fusion M2 32)

Add laser cutting to your printed projects with our unique three camera design.

The easiest, most precise method of cutting printed graphics on wood, cardboard, acrylic, paper, and more. Simply add registration marks to your printed graphic and produce precise laser cuts. The eView features three cameras located inside the system to increase cutting accuracy, including two built into the lid for the easiest positioning of projects.

Fusion Standard Rotary Attachment

Fusion Rim-Drive Rotary Attachment

The Standard Rim-Drive Rotary Attachment allows you to engrave wine bottles, mugs, glasses and more.

Available for the Fusion Laser, the Standard Rotary Attachment adds the ability to engrave bottles, glasses, flashlights, or any other cylindrical item up to 11.25" (286 mm) in diameter. The Fusion Laser rotary attachment has been built to accommodate a large variety of shapes and sizes. Setup is as easy as placing your product on the Rotary Attachment, raising or lowering the scissor lift to level the engraving area, and printing to the laser!

Fusion 3 Jaw Chuck Rotary Attachment

Fusion 3-Jaw Chuck Rotary Attachment

When more precision is required, the 3-Jaw Chuck Rotary Attachment is the ideal choice.

Only available for the Fusion Laser, the 3-Jaw Chuck mechanically clamps a cylinder or oddly-shaped, non-cylindrical item place as the laser engraves.

The Fusion Laser rotary attachment has been built to accommodate a large variety of shapes and sizes. Setup is as easy as placing your product on the Rotary Attachment, raising or lowering the scissor lift to level the engraving area, and printing to the laser!

vector cutting grid

Vector Cutting Table

Raises laser cut materials off the table for better edges.

Incorporate the gridded cutting table on your Fusion laser system when cutting through materials. By raising the materials when cutting off the table, you'll be able to reduce the back-side burning on the material.

PhotoLaser Plus Software

Photo processing software that optimizes your photographs for engraving on a variety of materials.

PhotoLaser Plus takes photo engraving with your Epilog Zing Starter Series laser to the next level by easily processing photos for engraving on all types of materials.

Are you looking for a system that engraves outstanding photographs? How about a system that engraves photos in a consistent, predictable way for your customers?

Epilog Laser has partnered with CADLink to bring you the industry’s best photo processing software: PhotoLaser Plus. The easy-to-use software interface and powerful photo processing tools allow you to create the highest-quality photo engravings in the industry.

Optional Lenses

In addition to the 2.0" lens, we offer special lenses for specific applications.

1.5" Lens: Highest-Resolution Engraving

Although the standard 2.0 inch lens provides amazing detail, our 1.5-inch lens assembly has been designed for the highest-resolution engraving and etching of extremely small fonts.

4.0" Lens: Cutting Thicker Materials and Inside Deep Areas

The 4.0 inch lens produces a focused beam over a longer vertical distance, which makes it ideal when engraving within a recessed area of a product, such as inside a bowl or plate. The lens is also used for cutting through very thick materials.

Cone Lens: Deep Cutting with the Laser

The Cone design pushes the stream from the Air Assist down directly through the cut, rather than over the surface of the engraving material. This provides even better reduction of laser flare-ups and better edge quality.

Vector Pin Table

Raise and support your cutting materials for better edge quality.

The Pin Table incorporates movable pins that can be placed anywhere along the table's grid of one inch (25.4 mm) spaced holes. The movable pins also allow the user to raise and support the cutting material in locations where the laser will not be cutting, providing a means of eliminating backside reflection. The table also allows you to place pins to support parts that would normally fall out of the cutting pattern. A handy removable surface plate makes the task of cleaning up small parts easy without removing the Pin Table.

Air Compressor

Blows a constant stream of air on the cutting area.

Epilog's optional Air Compressor is available to work with the included Air Assist features of the laser systems. Direct a constant stream of air to your cutting surface to remove heat and combustible gases from the work area.

This high-quality air compressor unit feeds 30 psi of air through the Air Assist structure, giving you the best cutting results available. The rubber vibration-dampening feet reduce the noise level of the compressor, and connection is a breeze with our quick-connect inlet and outlet ports on the compressor and the laser system.

Epilog Fusion Tech Specs

Epilog Fusion 32 M2 Epilog Fusion 40 M2
Engraving Area 32" x 20"
(812 x 508 mm)
40" x 28"
(1016 x 711 mm)
Maximum Material Thickness 14.25" (361 mm) 13.25" (336 mm)
Laser Wattage 30, 40, 50, 60, 75 or 120 watts

Dual source: CO2 50, 60, or 75; Fiber 20, 30, or 50 watts
30, 40, 50, 60, 75 or 120 watts

Dual source: CO2 50, 60, or 75; Fiber 20, 30, or 50 watts
Laser Source State-of-the-art, digitally controlled, air-cooled CO2 laser tubes are fully modular, permanently aligned and field replaceable.
Intelligent Memory Capacity Multiple file storage up to 128 MB.
Air Assist Attach an air compressor to our included Air Assist to remove heat and combustible gases from the cutting surface by directing a constant stream of compressed air across the cutting surface.
Laser Dashboard The Laser Dashboard™ controls your Epilog Laser's settings from a wide range of software packages - from design programs to spreadsheet applications to CAD drawing packages.
Red Dot Pointer Since the laser beam is invisible, the Red Dot Pointer on the Fusion Laser allows you to have a visual reference for locating where the laser will fire.
Relocatable Home When engraving items that are not easily placed at the top corner of the laser, you can set a new home position by hand with the convenient Movable Home Position feature on the Fusion Series Lasers.
Operating Modes Optimized raster, vector or combined modes.
Motion Control System High-speed Brushless DC Servo Motors.
X-Axis Bearings Ground and polished stainless steel Long-Lasting Bearing System.
Belts Kevlar (x-axis) and Steel Cord (y-axis) belts.
Resolution User controlled from 75 to 1200 dpi.
Speed and Power Control Computer or manually control speed and power in 1% increments to 100%. Vector color mapping links speed, power and focus to any RGB color.
Print Interface 10 Base-T Ethernet or USB Connection. Compatible with Windows® XP/Vista/7/8.
Size (W x D x H) 52.5" x 34.88" x 40.75"
(1334 x 886 x 1035 mm)
60.5" x 41.25" x 42.25"
(1537 x 1048 x 1073 mm)
43" (1092 mm) deep with exhaust plenum.
Weight 500 lbs (227 kg) 643 lbs (292 kg)
Electrical Requirements Auto-switching power supply accommodates 110 to 240 volts, 50 or 60 Hz, single phase, 15 amp AC.
Maximum Table Weight Fusion M2 32/40: 200 lbs (90 kg) for static and 100 lbs (46 kg) for lifting.
Ventilation System 650 CFM (1104 m3/hr) external exhaust to the outside or internal filtration system is required. There are two output ports, 4" (102 mm) in diameter. 650 CFM (1104 m3/hr) external exhaust to the outside or internal filtration system is required. There are two output ports, 4" (102 mm) in diameter.


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